More Gameplay From The Evil Within 2 Revealed During Livestream

More gameplay videos for The Evil Within 2 have emerged that highlight some of Sebastian's many skills as well as the gruesome enemies that he'll encounter in the survival horror game.

Bethesda Softworks and Tango Gameworks recently held a livestream of The Evil Within 2 to show off several features that have changed from the first game. With almost a full hour of gameplay to sift through, the gameplay was uploaded to YouTube and cut up into a four-part playlist with each video as disturbing as the next one.

Judging from Sebastian's attitude in the gameplay livestream, he's returning to the misshapen STEM universe now as a versed veteran to the experience, but he's still bring his "what's going on here?" and other repetitive exclamations as new ghoulish creatures surprise him at every turn. However, he did learn a bit from the last game, and he has several new tricks up his sleeve.

Shown in the first video amid a room of hanging corpses, Sebastian now has a quick-turn ability to allow him to quickly snap his view behind him to target unseen threats. Resident Evil fans will likely be comfortable with the move that proved invaluable when fighting hordes of zombies in the series' many games, so the mechanic makes perfect sense here. The cover system from the first game's DLC that allows Sebastian to hide behind obstacles also makes a return, and the livestream hosts added that the protagonist now has a slightly better stamina system that'll allow him to run a bit quicker.

NPCs also made an appearance in the demo, something that plays into earlier conversations about side quests in The Evil Within 2 that'll net players essential tools to survival by helping others survive. But the enemies themselves are likely the parts of the gameplay that'll stick with players the most – maggot-headed ghouls and a giggling, buzzsaw-wielding beast called the Guardian are just a few of the memorable foes. If you want to see something that's truly uncomfortable to watch, skip ahead 1 minute into the second gameplay video shown above to watch a pretty unsettling scene.


You can check out the full playlist containing all four videos to get yourself ready for the release of The Evil Within 2 on Oct. 13 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.