More of PS5 Game Godfall's Gameplay Surfaces Online

With the PlayStation 5 set to release later this year, fans are very much waiting with bated breath for more information on the upcoming console. While Sony has announced they will not be attending E3 this year, they were quick to clarify that fans will still have plenty of opportunities to learn more about the console in the months leading up to its release. At this time, the system has a single confirmed game, the upcoming Godfall, from Gearbox. The title debuted during The Game Awards 2019, but there has not been a lot of additional information since. However, a new video has appeared on Reddit with some small snippets of new gameplay footage.

The video only lasts six seconds in total. According to user YeaQuarterDongIng, the snippets come from an internal demo from March of 2019, so they might not give the best impression of how the game will inevitably look. It does, however, paint a brighter picture of the gameplay players can expect.

Developed by Counterplay Games, Godfall takes the concept of loot shooter games like Destiny 2, but adds sword-based combat, which should give it a unique distinction from similar genre offerings. This new video certainly showcases the game's swordplay, and should give players a better idea of the speed involved in the combat. The video also boasts an interesting variety of playable characters, which makes sense, given that Godfall allows players to choose between three character classes and other customization options.

[GodFall] [Video] - Combat Footage (A Fraction of the footage from an Unreleased Trailer I have) from r/PS4

The video's brevity won't do much to keep hungry fans satisfied for long, of course. That said, news about Godfall, as well as the PS5 in general, should be coming sooner, rather than later. With several major PS4 releases hitting delays over the last few weeks, it's quite understandable that players will want to know more about PS5. Games like Final Fantasy VII Remake, Dying Light 2, and Cyberpunk 2077 are all still expected to release before the new console, but it's hard to blame fans for looking for something to get excited about at this point in the year.

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