'Mortal Kombat 11' Reveals Noob Saibot as New Fighter

A new Mortal Kombat 11 fighter was officially unveiled on Friday when NetherRealm Studios took to [...]

A new Mortal Kombat 11 fighter was officially unveiled on Friday when NetherRealm Studios took to the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo to host a panel and reveal that Noob Saibot will be a part of the full game. NetherRealm was known to be revealing two characters during the panel, though the plans for which fighters would be unveiled remained unknown until the creative director Ed Boon and the rest of NetherRealm revealed the first trailer for the character.

A video showing off Noob Saibot's updated look for Mortal Kombat 11 can be seen aboveafter it was released by the official Twitter account for the game. As Boon and company said during the panel that was livestreamed, the character's got some armor now instead of just being a straight-up ninja. The trailer which was revealed during the panel showed that Noob Saibot's finisher has the fighter gutting an enemy before diving into them and coming out of their mouths, thus splitting the character totally in half. Noob Saibot can also use portals and clones to deceive and defeat enemies.

That gameplay and more that shows Noob Saibot's gruesome fatality can be seen above in NetherRealm's official trailer for the new fighter. Mortal Kombat 11's Twitter account also shared a standalone image of the new fighter as it's done with the rest of the game's cast, that image and the brief video teaser found below.

NetherRealm announced earlier in the week that the panel in Chicago would feature two new characters, one of which was a main fighter and the roster and the other a combatant which would be available as a DLC option. Those in attendance at the Chicago expo and others watching at home got a brief look at Noob Saibot due to a presentation "mixup" that showed the fighter early, though the "accident" appears to have the intended effect of waking the crowd up for the reveal.

Mortal Kombat 11 is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms on April 23rd.


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