Mortal Kombat 11 Releases Sindel in Early Access

Mortal Kombat 11 players who’ve been waiting for the return of Sindel don’t have to wait any longer so long as they’ve got the Kombat Pack. NetherRealm and Warner Bros. released Sindel in early access on Tuesday which means that she’s now playable by part of the community ahead of her full release that’ll happen in December. Sindel is the latest release from the Kombat Pack with two more to go now that she’s available.

Sindel was a character who was known to be a part of the Kombat Pack ever since it was first announced, but since she followed behind several other characters, players have been waiting on her release for a while now. She’s a returning character from past Mortal Kombat games unlike fighters like the Terminator who was added as a guest character, and she’s the last traditional fighter in the Kombat Pack to be released.

Previews from NetherRealm ahead of Sindel’s release showed off some of her moves like the ones seen in the trailer at the top. We’ve also seen two Fatalities, one of which involves literally screaming someone to pieces.

To make sure you get Sindel promptly if you’ve got access to her now, Warner Bros. provided a helpful how-to guide like it has for the other DLC characters. A note added to it later gave some advice for anyone on the Xbox One who might be having trouble downloading Sindel.


Sindel is available starting now for anyone who owns the Kombat Pack. Those who don’t have the pack will have to wait until December 3rd when they’ll have the option to purchase Sindel. The two remaining characters in this Kombat Pack are Joker who will release on January 28th and Spawn who will release on March 17th.