'Mortal Kombat' Fan Art Imagines Eiza Gonzalez as Mileena

Eiza Gonzalez transformed into a Mortal Kombat fighter thanks to some new fan art that turned her into Mileena and showed her both with and without a mask.

Well-known fan art creator BossLogic who imagines different actors and celebrities as pop culture characters showed off one of his latest creations that featured Gonzalez. An actress and singer known for her roles in movies like Baby Driver and the From Dusk till Dawn series, Gonzales took on a new character in BossLogic’s artwork below that showed the Mortal Kombat fighter with her mask covering the fighter’s deformed face.

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Mileena @eizagonzalez to gal's Kitana :)

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Not long after the first artwork was shared, BossLogic returned with another Gonzalez transformation that turned her into Mileena once again, this time without the mask.

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(mask off) Mileena @eizagonzalez Is it just me or did anyone else have a thing for mileena over kitana?

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Both of these creations follow another transformation of a different actress and Mortal Kombat character as BossLogic turned Gal Gadot into Kitana, a Mortal Kombat character who is Mileena’s sister in the series’ lore. BossLogic shared the creation days ago and was met with comments suggesting that he do a version of Mileena as well, comments that perhaps inspired the newest creations.

“I was watching the original #mortalkombat movie yesterday and it clicked to me that @gal_gadot could totally play another Princess, she even looks like the original Kitana,” BossLogic said about the Mortal Kombat transformation which can be seen here.


There have been talks of potential casting options for a new Mortal Kombat movie from James Wan when a list that supposedly revealed the character lineup plans was shared months ago. It didn’t name specific actors and actresses but listed the characters that would be in the rebooted movie, characters like Mileena found throughout the list. Those who are in charge of the movie shut down those rumors though with a producer saying “nothing happening at this time” and Wan himself saying the movie was still in early development and warned people not to be baited by “faux information.”

There’s still a chance that actresses such as Gonzalez and Gadot could be featured in the rebooted film though, but all fans have to look forward to for now is more fan art that imagines them and others as different characters.