Mortal Kombat Studio Mercilessly Trolls Rocksteady for Superman No-Show

The question of E3 2018 seemed to be a common consensus of 'where's Superman?' The game, heavily [...]

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The question of E3 2018 seemed to be a common consensus of "where's Superman?" The game, heavily rumored to finally be revealed at the annual showcase, was suspiciously missing from any and all coverage.

DC Comic fans have been trolling Rocksteady Games relentlessly and it was only a matter of time before NetherRealm's studio head Ed Boon joined in on the fun. Come on, it's the creator of the Injustice game series, there was no way he was going to remain silent.

The team over at Rocksteady made pretty damn sure that we all suspected a reveal, which is a huge reason behind the disappointment. In response to the glaringly missing game, Boon himself tweeted out a special response:

Immediately, the thread went crazy:

It is pretty funny though, because essentially everyone in the industry, both professional and fan alike, were fairly certain the reveal was happening.

A Superman game has been teased for quite some time now and after the rumors that it will be an open-world type game (which, take with a grain of salt), our interest is even higher. There is another rumor that we'll see the announcement the week following the convention but honestly, that doesn't seem likely in the slightest, especially when considering how Rocksteady usually handles announcements.

Even Krypton Star Cameron Cuffe was feeling the disappointment. "Every year I dare to hope that there will be a Superman game announced at E3," the star opened up on his Twitter account. "Once again I let bogus rumours get my hopes up, but I really feel that every year that passes brings us closer. It'll happen."

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