Mother Smashes Kids' iPads For Playing ‘Fortnite’ Too Much


While some parents are actually encouraging kids to get into Fortnite so they have something they can enjoy with them, one particular mother isn't too fond of the game. In fact, her methods to getting her kids to stop playing the Epic Games hit were a bit on the extreme side.

A British TV reporter by the name of Kirstie Allsopp admitted on a recent Channel 5 broadcast that, back in June, she smashed her kids' iPads because they wouldn't stop playing Fortnite. She basically destroyed them against a table following their breaking of rules of playing "violent" games for too long.

You can see the broadcast for yourself below, where Allsopp explains her reasoning.

"This is the first time I said this publicly," she explained during the broadcast. "In June, I smashed my kids' iPads, not in a violent way. I actually...banged them on the table like...that's it. There's this game...there's a game called Fortnite and I decided that...we made all sorts of rules and all sorts of time, so we said you can't play them this...all of those rules got broken. And in the end, I said, 'All right, that's it.' I had to was remarkably easy."

That said, however, not everyone was fond of how she resolved the problem. Several responses on Twitter note that she took things too far.


Allsopp does have a few supporters, but not enough to really weigh the argument in her favor. Perhaps she should have hired someone to help her get good at Fortnite so she could have played along with them…?

Fortnite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices and PC.