MultiVersus Players Already Want Nerfs for One Annoying Move

MultiVersus has only been in beta for a short time now (and in early access format, too, not even a true open beta), but people are already calling for nerfs for one move in particular: Taz's tornado. It's a move which has already been causing some frustration within discussions about the game on social media now that MultiVersus is the hands of more players compared to the past closed alpha. Thankfully for those who would like to see it nerfed or changed in some capacity, MultiVersus game director Tony Huynh has already confirmed that changes are on the way, though we don't yet know what those will look like.

In case you haven't seen Taz in an online match or haven't tried playing as the Looney Toons character yourself, the move that's being ragged on online is the "Taz-Nado" side special. It turns Taz into a tornado and lets him spin either left or right towards enemies. It can be used in the air, too.

The video below from a MultiVersus-focused Twitter account shows how it can be more than a bit frustrating to go up against. This specific example shows two Tazs spamming it in a team battle which isn't a situation players will always come across, but there are numerous aspects of the ability that make it frustrating to deal with.

For one, it doesn't have a cooldown like other abilities do. This means that the methods players have shared while brainstorming how to stop the move are indeed effective, Taz players can just spin the move up again with only Move Decay to worry about. The move also damages players on either side of Taz, so it doesn't even require directional inputs to land beyond moving in the general direction of an enemy.

It's not difficult to imagine then that players have been voicing their frustrations about this move and have been asking for changes. Those were acknowledged this week with Huynh saying the team is "aware of Taz tornado." No specific changes were announced at this time nor was there an ETA given on when the accompanying update would be out, but if you're annoyed by Taz players and their spins, know that changes are coming.