MultiVersus Voice Lines Spoil Unannounced Characters

Uncovered voice files might have spoiled unannounced MultiVersus characters.

MultiVersus finally hit its full release on May 28th, and players have been flocking to the platform fighter in droves. While the launch didn't quite live up to the game's concurrent player record, it did easily pass 100,000 players at launch. With so many players hoping in, at least a few were bound to dive into the files to see if they could eke any extra information about upcoming characters. After all, one of the biggest draws in MultiVersus is how it mashes up characters from a ton of properties. One player uncovered a few hints about potential crossovers by looking through the in-game voice lines.

MultiVersus Unannounced Characters Potentially Leaked


This leak comes via a Twitter user who goes by Krusty4Multi. As with any leak, you'll want to take this with a hefty grain of salt. While the voice files seem legitimate, it's impossible to know if and when these characters will make their way to MultiVersus. All we know for sure is that the voice actor for Rick from Rick and Morty has recorded several lines that reference potential new characters in MultiVersus. Most likely, the team wouldn't have the voice actor record those lines without plans to include those characters at some point, but you never know with projects like this.

As far as which characters have been potentially leaked, The Power Puff Girls are among the most notable. The trio has been teased by developer Player First Games before, so it's no surprise to see them show up here. There are also voice files for Marceline from Adventure Time and DC's Aquaman. The Twitter user also found references to RWBY when switching to the Pickle Rick costume. There have been rumors about that crossover before, so again, it's not too surprising to see that here either. 

The most intriguing voice line is one where Rick refers to "anime crossovers." Those may be voice lines for RWBY, but the team could have further plans that aren't spoiled by these voice lines. Hopefully, we learn more about all of these crossovers soon. MultiVersus will want to keep that player count up as best it can and new characters are a great way to do just that.

MultiVersus is out now on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. If you played the beta, you'll want to jump in soon and claim your free Season 1 Premium Battle Pass