MultiVersus Announces New Rick Actor

MultiVersus reveals the new voice behind Rick in the platform fighter.

With MultiVersus launching in only a few days, the developers at Player First Games have been releasing new information about all of the fighters that will be available on day one. Recently, the team announced that Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th is joining the fray and that Mark Hamill is coming back to voice The Joker. However, that's not the only voice actor announcement the team dropped, as it recently revealed who would be taking over as the voice of Rick from Rick and Morty. Just like the TV series, Ian Cardoni will voice Rick in MultiVersus.

Who is Ian Cardoni?

(Photo: Adult Swim)

Fans of Rick and Morty will have immediately noted the voice change after watching recent MultiVersus trailers. Ian Cardoni took over the role of Rick during the most recent season of the show after creator and previous Rick voice actor Jason Roiland was removed from the show. Outside of that high-profile gig, Cardoni has worked in several smaller productions and has also done some voice-over work for the WWE at WrestleMania 36 and 37. 

Cardoni has also done some work in video games, lending his voice talents to Cookie Run: The Darkest Night last year. That said, landing the Rick Sanchez gig is his most notable role thus far in his career. Between the show's upcoming 2025 season and his work in outside projects like MultiVersus, Cardoni is still probably keeping busy.

MultiVersus Release Date

As mentioned, we're only a few short days away from MultiVersus finally going live. Player First Games will officially launch its platform fighter on May 28th, bringing 27 playable characters at launch. Importantly, the team is also giving players who participated in the various betas the first premium season pass at no extra cost. That's far from the only change the team is making with its season pass structure, most of which should please players. In short, the goal is to get players more in-game items while they work through the pass.

MultiVersus will also support rollback netcode. That's huge for online fighting games and is something the team decided to implement after those previously mentioned open betas. We also recently learned that Mojo Jojo from The Powerpuff Girls will be a constant annoyance in the new stage based on the hit cartoon. Turning Mojo Jojo into an environmental hazard is a great choice by the developers, and it points to how creative MultiVersus plans to get with its content when the game launches on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.