The First Details Of 'The Last of Us' Team's "Secret New Project" Leaked


With the Uncharted series seemingly put on ice following the conclusion of Nathan Drake's story, California-based and Sony Interactive Entertainment studio, Naughty Dog, a two-game studio, now has a vacancy alongside the The Last of Us series.

And so the question is: what's it going to fill it with?

Well, according to Daniel R, a writer for Super Bros. Movies and an insider who is known for leaking information (mostly related to DC and Marvel films and tv shows), Naughty Dog has already began casting for "a secret new project" in Los Angeles.

Further, it is revealed that the studio is looking for a "Black/African American male" in his "40s to 60s" for one of the game's lead. And apparently, the casting call attached a photo of Chad Coleman -- Tyreese from The Walking Dead -- for reference, because the studio wants someone with a body type that is "strong but not chiseled" and who has "short to medium length hair."


As always, all reports, rumors, leaks, etc., should be taken with a grain of salt. However, the aforementioned leaker does have a reputation of releasing accurate information, so there's a good chance these are actually the first details of Naughty Dog's next game after The Last of Us Part II, and its first new IP since 2013.

From the sounds of it, the project is very, very early on in development. So don't expect to hear anything about it anytime soon, if it's real that is. Besides, Naughty Dog still has to focus on bringing The Last of Us Part II, which currently doesn't have a release date, to market, so buckle in because it will be awhile.