NBA 2K23 Reveals Dreamer Edition Cover Featuring J. Cole

Following a tease within the past day, 2K Sports has revealed that the final cover for NBA 2K23 won't feature a current NBA superstar; instead, it will feature rapper and musician J. Cole. In a move that is meant to celebrate the "intersection of music and basketball culture", J. Cole will be donning the Dreamer Edition of NBA 2K23 when it launches later this fall. And beyond just appearing on the game's cover, J. Cole will also be taking part in some of the events found within NBA 2K23

Detailed by 2K Sports today, J. Cole is set to appear within NBA 2K23's MyCareer mode on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X platforms. The story of MyCareer will let players become friends with Dreamville's Bas and Elite, who then provide a way to meet up with J. Cole. MyCareer is also said to feature a vast number of other cameos, although J. Cole's addition to the story will seemingly be much more extensive. 

"NBA 2K has long been a place to discover new musical talent through their game and continues to be a gold standard for showcasing all things basketball culture," J. Cole himself said in an accompanying statement today.  "It's been an amazing journey to not only appear on a cover of this year's game, but to be part of the MyCAREER storyline, soundtrack and bring the Dreamer brand into NBA 2K. There's also more to come, so watch out for all things Dreamville and Dreamer brand drops during Seasons and for Bas and Elite in this year's MyCareer story."  

In addition to detailing more about NBA 2K23's MyCareer mode, 2K Sports also revealed some of the artists that will be featured on this year's soundtrack. Currently, musicians such as Jackson Wang, Jack Harlow, Destiny Rogers, and Megan Thee Stallion, among many others, will be heard while playing NBA 2K23


If you didn't already have NBA 2K23's launch date circled on your calendar, it's set to release next Friday on September 9th. When it does arrive, the game will be coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.