NBA 2K24 Fans Upset At Newly Revealed MyTeam Points Prices

For the first time, NBA 2K24 players can buy MyTeam Points for real money and the prices have fans up in arms.

NBA 2K24 is nearly here, which means 2K Games is putting the gas pedal to the floor to try to drum up hype. Today, the developers announced a whole host of rewards coming to the popular MyTeam mode, but many players aren't looking at that shiny new Diamond Brandon Roy they'll be able to earn soon. Instead, they're up in arms after seeing the pricing for MyTeam Points and Virtual Currency. The prices have already gone live on PlayStation and Xbox stores, and the NBA 2K24 fanbase isn't happy with the results.

It's important to remember that this is the first year fans can purchase MyTeam Points for real money. In the past, the currency could only be earned through playing the game or selling player cards in the Auction House. Or, if they wanted to go outside of NBA 2K's Terms of Service, they could pay real money to buy Points on the Black Market, though doing so did put those players at risk of getting a ban. In NBA 2K24, the Auction House has been replaced with the Player Market, which 2K completely controls.

How Much Are MyTeam Points in NBA 2K24?

Because of that, players can't earn MyTeam Points by selling cards or the black market. Instead, they'll need to either earn them in-game or give 2K money. This is where the outrage comes in. The prices revealed today show that players can buy one million Points for $150. Obviously, we don't yet know how 2K will set player prices, but being forced to pay that much money for that amount of MTP seems egregious to many. 

Over on the MyTeam subreddit, users are upset about how this has been priced. One user even said, "This company done lost its mind." Others are pointing out that MTP prices were much cheaper on the black market, saying, "This is straight-up robbery." If you look through the Reddit thread, you'll notice most other users agree with that statement, though they're often using much more colorful language. 

It's not just the community that feels this way though, as some popular MyTeam streamers and YouTubers are equally annoyed, though part of that might be because they'll need to spend more money to fund their pack opening videos. Either way, everyone seems to agree that this is a potential issue for most players depending on how 2K sets the Player Market prices. If it's fairly priced, this could be a step in the right direction, but more likely, it'll feel like a greedy move from 2K.

We don't have to wait much longer to see exactly what that market looks like because NBA 2K24 is coming to PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and PC platforms on September 8. Though, we'd recommend pre-loading the game if you're able to. As with the last few editions, NBA 2K24 has a massive file size and you won't want to be waiting for it to download on launch day.