NBA 2K24 MyTeam Fans Aren't Happy About the Auction House Going Away

NBA 2K24 announced the MyTeam Auction House is no more, prompting many fans to say the mode "is over."

Earlier today, 2K Games revealed the NBA 2K24 MyTeam dev blog. There, the team announced all of the new changes coming to the card-collecting mode which is one of the main money-makers for 2K. The dev blog included all kinds of important info for NBA 2K24 MyTeam players to know, but the biggest revelation was, without a doubt, the announcement that the player-controlled Auction House is being replaced by a 2K-controlled Player Market. With the cost of players now totally in 2K Games' control, many fans have taken to social media to express anger and disappointment for what they see as 2K being "greedy."

Anger about the change can be seen all over social media, but the top post of the day on the MyTeam subreddit sums things up pretty nicely. The post starts with someone saying "The game mode is cooked. One of the best parts about the game is now gone. Get ready to open up your wallets, folks." That's really the crux of the anger. If 2K is fully in charge of prices, players could easily see themselves priced out of the top cards unless they're willing to spend extra real-world money. By potentially making NBA 2K24 even more pay-to-play than in the past, 2K might be making a mistake thinking its playerbase will stick around no matter what.

It's not just the top comment in the post. Other users echoed the sentiment saying "That is atrocious" and "Every day this game looks to be worse and worse." And, as you can see in the tweet above, it's not just the casual community. Content creators are also very skeptical about what the change means, especially for No Money Spent (NMS) players. That said, many of them are taking more of a "wait-and-see" approach than you'll see on Reddit. Truthfully, that's probably the best approach to take at this point until we're able to see how 2K sets the prices; however, it is worth pointing out that there have been some reported Player Market leaks showing Amethyst players selling for 500,000 MyTeam Points. That sounds ridiculous if you're going off of NBA 2K23 prices, but it remains to be seen how prices will change with 2K24.

What Else Is Coming to MyTeam in NBA 2K24?

As mentioned, there is much more to the dev blog than just the changes to the Auction House. In fact, with all of the updates this year, the game mode feels fresher than it has in a while, which is probably why you'll still see some excitement in the fanbase even if they largely don't like the Player Market. One of the other big changes is that XP will no longer be tied to Agenda challenges, meaning you'll be able to level up through the battle pass by just playing the game.

There's also the re-introduction of Salary Cap mode, which replaces Limited and forces you to create a lineup structured around how expensive players are. Player costs will fluctuate based on how often they're used in the mode, so it'll be constantly changing throughout the year. 2K is also introducing a new wrinkle for coach boosts. Now, you'll need to complete specific in-game objectives to activate a more powerful boost, upping the strategy behind picking your coach.

NBA 2K24 is due out on PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and PC platforms on September 8.