NBA Jam Documentary Announced

There’s no doubt about it that NBA Jam is one of the most popular sports games of all-time. The classic arcade game that first made waves in the 90s has continued to remain relevant over the years thanks to its killer gameplay, iconic rosters, and amazing catchphrases. And now, a new movie all about the game is set to come about in the future.

Reported by Variety, a new documentary all about NBA Jam is now in the works. The film is going to be based on the book by Reyen Ali that is all about the game. BestCrosses Studios is attached to produce the film while Sean Menard, who has produced sports documentaries in the past, will be the director.

As for what the documentary will touch on, it should focus on the game’s creation and rise to popularity. The book that the film is based on contained interviews with a variety of people who helped to work on the original game. It also featured thoughts from NBA players, longtime fans, and a number of others who adore the game. It stands to reason that the documentary will have many of these folks return to talk on camera this time around.

When it comes to what the movie’s director has in mind for the project, he wants to focus not only on how NBA Jam became a massive success, but also how the game’s developer would later shut down. “Our film is more than just an original story about the most successful sports game of all time,” Menard explained to Variety. “There are various sub-plots that detail how gaming was transitioning from arcades to home entertainment and how it would eventually lead to the demise of Midway.”


For now, this NBA Jam movie has no release date that has been announced. Given that production is seemingly just now getting underway, it should be a year or two until we see it arrive formally. Still, it'll be an interesting project to keep an eye out for in the future.

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