Netflix's 'The Witcher' Series: Our Picks for Ciri

With the recent controversy concerning rumored casting picks for the upcoming Netflix The Witcher series, we decided to put in our own names for who we'd love to see in the role of our favorite scarred badass.

The recent upset regarding the new series is that there was a leaked casting ad requesting non-white women for the role of Ciri. It's important to note that all casting decisions are made with the blessing of the novel's writer Andrzej Sapkowski, though the concern over veering away from the cut and dry character perception still has many worried.

We trust the showrunner and the creative team, and we've seen nothing but passion and understanding from them thus far. It's in that spirit that we came up with our top two picks to show both sides of where the series could take Ciri as a character.

The first pick is one that I've envisioned since playing the third game as a personal fan of the series. Melanie Laurent is a French actress that has an incredible acting record as well as both a youthful, yet strong presence about her. Going strictly off the book's (and game's) description, she would be my pick for casting:

(Photo: Zimbio)

Since the casting rumor states that they are looking for a minority woman of colour for the role, we do also have two other phenomenal picks that we'd love to see take on persona of Ciri:

(Photo: W Magazine)

Zoe Kravitz would, seen above, would be a phenomenal pick. Daughter of Lisa Bonet and musician Lenny Kravitz, this young actress has a strength one would expect from Ciri and aesthetically, she's got the bone structure, the confidence, with coloured contacts, we think she would be a wonderful pick.

One more pick just because we can't pass up the opportunity to imagine Ciri as more than just the books, Cuban/Venezuela actress Genesis Rodriguez could fit the role as well. You may know her from Entourage, but with her facial features, piercing stare, and athletic figure, Rodriguez could be an amazing fit for the character, should they be looking to expand upon what we know of her from the books and subsequent games.

(Photo: IMDB)

At this point in time, the only confirmed casting we have is that of Man of Steel's Henry Cavill as the show's protagonist: Geralt of Rivia. We also know that the release window for the new series is set for sometime in 2019, though a specific date has yet to be released.

Thoughts on our picks? Have an actress you'd like to put forward? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!