Netflix's 'The Witcher' Showrunner Welcomes Henry Cavill

Lauren S. Hissrich, showrunner for Netflix’s upcoming series The Witcher, has welcomed Henry Cavill to the Witcher family with the actor now confirmed to play the role of Geralt of Rivia.

Hissrich, the executive producer and showrunner for The Witcher series that’s coming to Netflix, tweeted on Tuesday to welcome the DC Universe actor to the world of The Witcher. Cavill’s known for his role as Superman in various DC movies and will now make the transition to the fantasy world of The Witcher popularized by a series of novels and video games. Hissrich tweeted to say that Cavill was her “first meeting” before anything was finalized beyond a greenlight for the project. The two met four months ago, and Hissrich said that “He IS Geralt.”

Cavill was confirmed earlier on Tuesday to be the lead actor in Netflix’s The Witcher, but no other cast announcements have been made. The Witcher series boasts a rich group of characters to cast though, many of which are ones that readers and players have grown attached to throughout the years, so it’s likely that we’ll see more passionate responses to the casting choices for Yennefer and other characters just as we’ve already seen following the announcement about Cavill. Cavill himself also responded to the announcement with a new Neftlix profile created to fit his new role.

While many people who’ve followed Geralt’s story will know him best from the games created by CD Projekt RED, many will also know him from the Andrzej Sapkowski series of novels that the games were adapted from. Geralt of Rivia is one of many in a long line of Witchers, a group of monster hunters imbued with powers and other tools that allow them to take on creatures that others pay them to take care of.


Though the games might be where people have seen the most of Geralt, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to brush up on the books if you’re interested in Netflix’s new series. It’s been said in the past that the show will be based more on the novels from Sapkowski instead of CD Projekt RED’s games, so having an understanding of both will make the show that much more enjoyable.

No information on when Netflix's and Hissrich's The Witcher will be released has been shared.