Netflix Says The Witcher Release Date Was Posted In Error, Not Yet Confirmed

Those looking forward to Netflix’s The Witcher might now know when the series will release, but [...]

Those looking forward to Netflix's The Witcher might now know when the series will release, but Netflix says that the release date still hasn't officially been confirmed. Social media posts from Netflix appeared to indicate the show would release on the streaming platform on December 17th, but those posts were quickly deleted and were only widely circulated after that point. A new statement from Netflix didn't deny the release date but did say that the series launch date hasn't yet been confirmed.

The supposed reveal of The Witcher's release date was first publicized this week when official Netflix accounts seemingly shared social media posts containing countdowns until different series and movies would release. The Witcher's countdown indicated it'd be out in December, but those posts were deleted so quickly that they flew under many people's radars and left only some questionable screenshots floating around on the Internet to indicate they even existed. The Witcher news site Redanian Intelligence first reported on these rumors.

After the speculation about the release date blew up, Video Games Chronicle received a statement about the possible release date of The Witcher. Netflix didn't say whether or not the release date was real but insisted that the release date had not yet been confirmed. The company did confirm that the social media posts actually happened though, so if you see one of the screenshots like the one below floating around, it's legit.

"The launch date for The Witcher has not yet been confirmed," Netflix told Video Games Chronicle. "The post was made by Netflix accounts in the Netherlands in error, and not all of the information contained in it is accurate/final."

Netflix The Witcher Release Date
(Photo: Redanian Intelligence)

This does cast some doubt on the reported release date for the show, but it doesn't disprove it, so The Witcher fans are free to hold onto the idea that it'll be out on that day. It's supposed to be released late this year at some point, and a previous leak pegged it for a different December release date, so perhaps this latest date is correct after all.

Until The Witcher is actually released, Witcher fans will have to hold out for more trailers and images like the ones we've seen before. The trailer at the top is the first full look at the show that we've seen yet, so perhaps we'll get more like that before The Witcher does release.

The Witcher is scheduled to release on Netflix some time in Q4 2019, perhaps on December 17th.