Netflix Games Could be Coming to TV and PC

Netflix has slowly been expanding its video game offerings, but right now, subscribers can only access them via mobile device. It seems that could be changing, however, as a new leak suggests that subscribers will soon be able to game on devices such as their TV and PC. According to iOS developer Scott Moser, code in Netflix's iOS app suggests a feature will allow players to use their iPhone as a controller for games. It's important to note that this has not been officially announced, however, so Netflix subscribers will have to settle for the current method in the meantime.

The Tweet from Moser about this feature can be found embedded below.

Making Netflix games playable on more devices could make them more appealing to subscribers. According to a report last year, less than 1% of Netflix subscribers are accessing the company's games on a daily basis. There are several potential reasons for that, including the possibility that many subscribers aren't aware that they can stream games through the service. There are also a lot of gamers that simply don't have an interest in playing mobile games. Making Netflix games accessible on more devices could be a huge help in both regards. Despite these struggles, Netflix has continued to expand its gaming plans, through offering new games to play, and by purchasing in-house studios to work on exclusive titles.

For now, fans of Netflix's games will just have to wait patiently to see if and when this feature might be unveiled. As it stands right now, Netflix Games is more of an interesting perk, as opposed to a selling point for the streaming service. However, if more people begin playing those games, that could very well change. Video game streaming is still in its infancy, and companies like Google have struggled to sell it to gamers. The widespread popularity of Netflix could convince a lot more people to try it, but that's something we haven't seen yet.

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