Netflix Teases New Witcher Content During Geeked Week

Netflix is in the middle of its Geeked Week event right now which means it’s bringing its [...]

Netflix is in the middle of its Geeked Week event right now which means it's bringing its subscribers news on all sorts of pop culture content ranging from The Umbrella Academy to Castlevania and more. Among those shows to be talked about is The Witcher, the TV adaptation of the novels which already released one season on Netflix much to the enjoyment of those who read the books and played the games. While we haven't heard anything more about the next season of The Witcher yet nor have we heard much about its spin-offs like The Witcher: Blood Origin, some of that should change this week when we get more Witcher news on Friday.

A tease for what's to come regarding The Witcher was shared this week to prep people for Friday's announcements. An arcade-y poster was shared with The Witcher's logo in the middle and a promise of news to come on June 11th for those who've been waiting for more on The Witcher and its various works.

The Witcher has long since been included in Netflix's Geeked Week plans and was one of the first shows confirmed to be making an appearance during the week of news, but it's unsurprising that it'd be saved for the final day of the event. Everything Netflix brought to Geeked Week like The Umbrella Academy certainly has a following but if there were a show or property to save until the end, it'd be The Witcher.

For those who might not have been keeping up with the production of the second season of The Witcher, the show wrapped filming back in March on its next season. Following that news, it was said during one of Netflix's earnings meetings that the second season of the show would release at some point in Q4 2021, so within the last three months of the year. The first season of the show came out in December 2019, so it wouldn't be surprising to see the second season release in or around the same month two years later.

While The Witcher's second season is supposed to be "deep into post-production" right now, it's not the only Witcher content to look forward to. People have also been focused on The Witcher: Blood Origin, a second show in the works to establish a cinematic Witcher universe. Perhaps we'll learn more about that show on Friday, too, but The Witcher series itself is at least a guarantee.