Netflix Teases The Witcher and The Cuphead Show! News

The Witcher Season Two and The Cuphead Show! are easily Netflix's most anticipated shows for video [...]

The Witcher Season Two and The Cuphead Show! are easily Netflix's most anticipated shows for video game fans, and new information on both is set to arrive early next month! The official Netflix Geeked Twitter account revealed that June 7th through the 11th will be referred to as "Geeked Week," and fans can expect to see news, first looks and more regarding several shows. In addition to The Witcher and The Cuphead Show!, Netflix Geeked has also teased that the Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness anime will also receive some type of coverage. All in all, it seems like an exciting event!

The Tweet announcing the event can be found embedded below.

After a problem-filled production, filming on The Witcher Season 2 officially wrapped back in March, so it's possible that a release date might be revealed during the Geeked Week event. In a Q1 earnings call last month, Netflix established that the show will release in Q4, but a firm release date has not been revealed. It's possible that fans could see the new season's first trailer alongside a release date, but it's impossible to say for sure.

Of course, there's still lots to be revealed about The Cuphead Show!, as well. While the game's difficulty level was mostly geared towards older players, the series will cater to all audiences. The show will be a comedy starring the titular character, as well as his brother, Mugman. Cuphead will be voiced by Tru Valentino, while Mugman will be voiced by Frank Todaro. Viewers can expect to see more of the world established in the game fleshed out in the show.

Geeked Week is just around the corner, so fans of The Witcher, Cuphead, and Resident Evil won't have to wait too much longer to see what Netflix has in store for all three during Geeked Week!

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