New Days Gone Update Fixes the Audio Issues

Days Gone players have been one hell of time since the game launched last week. Not only do they have to worry about hordes of Freakers coming after them while they try to survive the Pacific Northwest, but they also have had to do it without sound at times. One of the handful of bugs to pop up during the game's first week seemed to knock the majority of the game's audio out, leaving players sometimes with just dialogue to listen to. The developers have implemented a few patches since release, but the latest one finally tackles the audio issues that players have been experiencing.

Taking to the Days Gone subreddit, the devs at Bend Studio outlined what has been rectified in the game's latest patch. In addition to the audio bug that has been plaguing many, they also fixed the auto-save function and difficulty settings that were automatically changing after each patch. They also made sure to note that they are investigating the startup crashes that have been happening to some players recently. Check out the full patch notes below.

General Fixes

  • Auto-save function will now save the correct number of saves to your save cloud account

  • Audio should no longer be cut out/dropped when it involves equipping certain engines and certain exhausts to your bike

  • Difficulty settings are retained through patches

Known Issues

  • The crash on startup and other issues in this scope are being investigated. As of now, if you haven't downloaded Patch 1.06 and start up Days Gone, you will remain with Patch 1.05 active. Updates to come.

Days Gone is currently available exclusively on PlayStation 4. For more on the recently released title from Bend Studio, here is a snippet from our official review:

"If you average out Days Gone's shortcomings with its redeeming moments, you're left with a game that's just perfectly alright in every sense of the word, nothing more though perhaps a bit less. There are certainly those who are hyped for Days Gone and will no doubt enjoy everything Bend Studio and Sony has to offer while patiently awaiting the free content and bug fixes that are to come. For those who held a casual or tentative interest, though, it's a game best bought on sale or used to hold you over until your next big purchase."


What do you think about this? Have any of the bugs been ruining your Days Gone experience since launch? Sound off in the comment section below, or feel free to hit me up over on Twitter @anarkE7!


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