New 'Next Xbox' Details Hint at a Totally New Way for Devs to Make Games

As E3 2019 looms closer, talk of what the next generation will bring becomes more apparent. [...]

As E3 2019 looms closer, talk of what the next generation will bring becomes more apparent. Recently, potential new PlayStation 5 details emerged showing off a much more customizable platform experience and now something similar has been found for the next Xbox.

Thanks to YouTuber 'Skullzi', a YouTuber known for his keen eye and thorough research, new information has been found about what the next generation could look like for Xbox. Similar to that of the potential PlayStation 5 algorithm that basically allows the system to program itself, a new Xbox patent seems to hint at a similar mechanical goal.

From what we've gleaned from both sides of the patent spectrum for both platforms is that the next generation will be focused on optimization in every sense of the word. Essentially, the onboard module talked about in the video above will act as a physics engine for next-gen titles, which would open up the doors immensely for developers and how they develop gaming content.

If the patent is a true mark of the production value of the next-gen Xbox, developers will have even more resources in their tool belt to create more content and at a higher quality. Whether it will be exactly the same as what we saw with the PlayStation 5 patent remains to be seen, though the potential for a customized in-game UI experience and "smarter" technology does bode well for what the future has to offer gamers.

This also falls in-line with Microsoft's promise to bring the Xbox back into the hands of gamers after Phil Spencer took the reigns back from former leadership. With more studio acquisitions on the horizon and a focus on high-quality story content, this technological move would make perfect sense for the vision they previously shared with fans during E3 of last year.

What do you hope to see from the next Xbox, whatever name they decide to come up with? Any features that you feel should have been added long before now? Sound off with your next-generation dreams in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!


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