New Overwatch 2 Maps Fully Revealed by Blizzard

Blizzard's Overwatch 2 Developer PVP Livestream took place today and with it came fresh details [...]

Blizzard's Overwatch 2 Developer PVP Livestream took place today and with it came fresh details and news about some of the new maps that will be included in the upcoming sequel. Previously announced maps like New York, Toronto, and Rio were shown off as full matches between two teams (now made up of five team members instead of six), offering fans a close look at how these new maps will function and even how the new modes need to be played in order to win. Developers also confirmed that the 5v5 change to how PVP is played in the game will extend to the original maps from Overwatch 1 in addition to Overwatch 2's new maps.

The first map show in the stream was New York, a hybrid map meaning that the offensive team must capture a point and then escort a payload across a path in order to win. Some notable locations seen in the map include Grand Central Terminal, where the payload (a firetruck called Engine 11) path actually comes to its end, plus an Easter egg of "Jeph's Corner Pizza" referencing former game director Jeff Kaplan. Though no confirmed characters on the Overwatch roster have a connection to New York City (unlike Route 66 & Mcree or even Toronto and Sojourn), the team at Blizzard confirmed that many developers hail from the Big Apple and used

The second shown map was Toronto, the first new map confirmed for Overwatch 2 way back when the title was announced. The Canadian map will also be the brand new game mode, called Push, which will make its debut in the sequel. "Push" is a tug-of-war like mode where teams must guide a robot, named "T.W.O." Toronto naturally includes some references to the nation's past time of hockey and their own version of Canadian chain Tim Hortons in the form of Tim Fordsons.

Next was Rio, the home to support character Lucio whose hometown status will be showcased throughout the new map. Rio will be a Hybrid map with locations including Club Sinestesia, Lucio's club in the city. The payload on the map will be a peacock float.

Following that was the new map Rome, another Push map that will take players to the Italian city and give them the chance to move past the Colosseum and other notable landmarks. Unlike the Toronto "Push" map, which is more of an "S" shape for the robot's entire path, Rome will be a "C" shape for players to navigate.

Finally the last map shown during the event was Monte Carlo, an escort map. The developers teased that this location, where the rich go to play in the Overwatch universe, will have a special connection to the larger narrative of Overwatch 2. In addition they teased that each new area of the map plays differently than the last. Among those will be a whole section of Monte Carlo that will be uphill for the offensive team, described as being steeper and longer than anything else like that in Overwatch. The offensive team begins the map at the garage for F1 racing cars with the payload actually being one of the vehicles.

When asked by one of the players appearing in the stream, the developers of Overwatch 2 "couldn't say" if the maps first seen in the first Overwatch will be reworked in a way to make them more like the Overwatch 2 maps. In the end though these new maps are roughly the same size as Overwatch maps but have more built in options for movement and pathways.