New Spider-Man Trailer For Playstation Released

As expected, a new Spider-Man trailer made its debut today during Sony’s Paris Games Week event, [...]

As expected, a new Spider-Man trailer made its debut today during Sony's Paris Games Week event, but instead of primarily focusing on the antics of the superhero, it also showed a little bit of what players can expect from Peter Parker's side of the story.

The trailer opens with Peter living day-to-day life as a high school student, exploring its halls while also talking with a few different folks, including a concerned adult who asks if he needs money (he refuses, explaining that he's just behind on a few bills) and Miles Morales, who he introduces to a few folks.

But it's as the trailer goes on that we get a few more details about the story and what lies within – Devil's Breath, some sort of plan that promises devastation to the city. But the corruption could go much deeper than just one person, especially after we catch a glimpse of the Kingpin midway through the trailer.

From there, we get an idea of what Spidey's capable of through some action sequences that are featured, including a skirmish with Mr. Negative aboard a subway car, as well as Spidey running along walls and drop kicking someone after yanking them out of a vehicle. It comes to a close with him hanging upside down, wondering if he's got time for a breather.

Insomniac's Spider-Man promises to have a very intriguing story, but it's great to see that there's going to be a great deal of focus on Peter Parker, and not necessarily the guy that's just slinging the webs. How much that'll be involved has yet to be seen, but it's good to see Insomniac and Marvel go that much more in-depth with both sides of the story – something we haven't seen too many Spider-Man games do in the past.

You can watch the trailer above and get a glimpse of the new stuff that will be featured in the game, along with plenty of explosive action to get excited over. Just what is Mr. Negative up to, anyway? And more importantly, who else could he be working with?!

We'll find out in 2018 when Insomniac's Spider-Man releases for PlayStation 4.