New 'The Outer Worlds' Story Details Revealed, Including Player Choices

Fallout: New Vegas' Obsidian Entertainment debuted their brand new RPG during The Game Awards 2018 [...]

Fallout: New Vegas' Obsidian Entertainment debuted their brand new RPG during The Game Awards 2018 and fans instantly fell in love with what The Outer Worlds had to offer. The comparisons to Fallout, BioShock, and Borderlands were immediate and fans of the studio were instantly hooked on wanting to learn more.

Narrative designer Kathryn Megan Starks recently sat down with RPG Site to shine a little light on what players can expect. I mean, let's be real - this is basically Fallout: New Vegas in space which means it's going to be awesome.

"We want [The Outer World's] companions to really emphasize that they have stakes that are important to them," she told the site. "They'll ask you to help out on their quests and they'll speak out against you if they don't support what you're doing, we want their motivations and goals to always be at the center of their character."

As one would expect from the studio that gave us some incredible RPG experiences in the past, The Outer Worlds will offer plenty of tough choices for players to make. "As a designer, I'm always tempted to just have it made so that you can't kill this person or that person. But we have a philosophy where we feel like it makes for a better gameplay experience to allow the player to do these sorts of things. You can even kill the scientist if you want."

She also mentioned that there will be tons of exploration for players to partake in. When asked about the expansiveness of the new world, she mentioned "I think it's a bit of a mix. "We wanted to provide a focused single-player story experience while leaving options open to explore the different environments. Once you get your ship, you'll have a lot of options to explore specific locations, with more opening up as you finish quests or purchase new passes in-game."

You can see all of the ways we thought this game was Fallout: New Vegas in Space with our previous impressions piece here, but one thing is for sure - Starks has us even more amped than we were already! Share with me your thoughts on the upcoming RPG in the comment section below, or join me over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!

As for the game itself, The Outer Worlds is set to make its debut sometime in 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC