New Trailer for The Forest Shows Off Multiplayer Action on PS4

Forest June2
(Photo: Endgame)

The Forest is something of a unique survival-horror that challenges the hunter-gatherer in all of us. The game has been an early access title on Steam since 2014, but now it's headed to PS4 with an intense multi-player mode. Today at the Playstation Experience, fans were given a first look at how this mode will play on PS4, along with some of the terrifying monsters that PC gamers on Steam have been fending off for years:

The concept is pretty simple: hunt for items and build a camp strong enough to keep the hellish creatures in the game from breaking in. As your camp grows stronger and you grow more cunning, the enemies get bigger, scarier, and more intense. The idea sounds something like the premise of Attack on Titan, but with even weirder naked enemies to make you feel uncomfortable and freaked out.

The multi-player mode allows players to team up and build gigantic fortresses to keep the monsters out. It allows for group exploration, and raises the stakes for players who stick together. Easily the highlight of the game, the multi-player mode challenges players to cooperate and form plans to defend their bases.

Should you choose to venture into the game's story a little further, you'll quickly find interesting twists in the history behind the super-duper messed up place you're in. Taking on the role of someone akin to Bear Gryllis, you can build structures in short amounts of time with a few simple tools.

The Forest is available now on Steam for $14.99 and has done extremely well with its player base, retaining a "Very Positive" review average, with developers staying on target with new updates. Unfortunately, no official release date for the PS4 or any other console has been confirmed as of yet. With Playstation Exerience on all weekend, though, that might change soon enough.