Next Battlefield Is a "Reimagination", Says EA

The next Battlefield game will probably be pretty different.

The next Battlefield will be a "reimagination", according to EA. The Battlefield series is one of the biggest shooter franchises out there, but it has struggled a lot over the last decade. Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 4 are seen as the golden age of the franchise with each entry pushing the bar further and further while also creating a distinct competitor to Call of Duty. However, things started to fall apart with Battlefield V and then Battlefield 2042. These games had really rough launches, especially the latter. While they've been updated to be much, much better, there's no denying they really did a number on the reputation of the series. Now, EA is trying its best to reposition the franchise for success by developing multiple new entries, including a single-player focused game in the series.

We're not exactly sure what the next Battlefield game will be or what it will look like, but EA is starting to paint a picture. During an earnings call, EA confirmed there will not be a new Battlefield game in fiscal year 2024, meaning we won't get a new entry in the series until at least summer 2025, but it'll more likely be fall 2025 as that's historically when the series releases new games. The publisher also noted that the next Battlefield will be a "reimagination" as a "truly connected ecosystem" (via Battlefield Bulletin). We have absolutely no idea what that even means, but it certainly suggests it will be different than the games we have been getting. Perhaps EA is trying to link all of its upcoming Battlefield projects that are currently in development in an almost MCU-esque fashion, but it's unknown what that may mean for gameplay or how these games are experienced.

Either way, it will likely be quite a while before we start getting concrete details for these upcoming Battlefield games. Hopefully, they can begin to repair the overall reception of the series, but it's really anyone's guess. Ideally, fresh new voices and takes on the series should help, but it'll be a while before we can see the big picture.

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