True Next-Gen PS5 and Xbox Series X Graphics Haven't Been Revealed Yet, Suggests Geoff Keighley

Later this year, PlayStation and Xbox fans will get a chance to experience the next generation of [...]

Later this year, PlayStation and Xbox fans will get a chance to experience the next generation of gaming. While gamers have gotten a glimpse at what the next generation of consoles can do, there's been some debate about just how good the graphics will be on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Geoff Keighley weighed in on the debate on Twitter, arguing that comments about people needing to temper their expectations for next-gen graphics "will likely not age well." As the producer/creator for The Game Awards, Keighley just might be in a unique position to know more about what's coming in the future.

While Keighley might have a bit more information than the average fan or pundit, it's hard to deny that jumps in graphics have started to become smaller with each subsequent console generation. Many in the video game industry have argued for years that a "graphic ceiling" will eventually be reached, and console manufacturers will have to find other ways to make fans buy new systems. That might not happen with this console generation, but it will be interesting to see just how good games on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will look.

Of course, graphics aren't everything. The explosion in popularity of indie games over the last decade has proven that not everyone wants or needs hyper-realism. Titles like Shovel Knight and Undertale have found huge success for their developers, despite their old-school approach to graphics. It seems unlikely that AAA games will start to take a similar approach, but gamers have started to realize more and more that looks truly aren't everything.

It might be a while before gamers really have a sense of what PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X can do, as far as graphics go. Games that appear at or around the launch of a console are rarely a strong gauge of a console'scapabilities; it's usually not until after the console has been on the market for some time that developers truly get a feel for the system and its capabilities. Keighley's optimism might provide some comfort for graphics snobs, but time will tell just how far away that graphic ceiling might be.

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