New Documentary Digs Deep Into Geoff Keighley's Creation of The Game Awards

The Game Awards was first created back in 2014 and following its first show, has grown exponentially throughout the years to become the big event to see. From new game announcements, to gaming community camaraderie, there's a lot to love about what The Game Awards has to offer and a new documentary from NoClip dives right into its creation from the man himself: Geoff Keighley.

Keighley himself has been a big name in the industry for over two decades and his career has evolved at an inspiring pace. With the ever-growing success of The Game Awards, the channel NoClip dove right into the birth of this incredible awards show as well a look at the daily life on the man behind it all.

Danny O'Dwyer, producer of this YouTube series, has a lot in common with Keighley when it comes to gaming passion. Because of that shared love, it was easy for the pair to talk about this particular journey for Keighley and what The Game Awards truly means to the community.

A big driving force behind the creation, as noted in the video above, derived from the question “What’s the equivalent of that for the video game world?”
His desire to make sure that gaming was taking seriously in the entertainment world really drove the dedication required to make a show of this scale.

Since he felt other similar award shows felt fake, or at least trying too hard to fit a wider scope than necessary, the focus to put together a show that both encapsulated the spirit of the gaming community while also honoring it as a progressive industry became inspiring.


With the 2018 show doubling the viewership of its 2017 counterpart, it's clear that the continued success is showing no signs of slowing down. With so many incredible announcements during last year's event, we can't wait to see what's next and 2019 has only just started.

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