NFL Team Uses Animal Crossing: New Horizons to Announce 2020 Schedule

One NFL team decided to use Animal Crossing: New Horizons to announce their 2020 schedule. The Detroit Lions posted the video to Twitter and their website to give their fans a special look at what the new season will hold for them. Apparently, someone on the social team for the club is a big fan of Animal Crossing. The end result is nothing short of impressive as their travels around the island show off all the foes they’ll face on the gridiron this season. Even more adorable are the Lions caps and shirts showed off in the video. Expect to see even more professional sports teams jump on that trend as the season begins.

Your daily Nook announcements take center stage at the beginning of the video. From those first moments, you can see just how much care has been put into the video with the sound effects and footage. From there, it just gets more surreal and amazing. Lions fans can look forward to opening their schedule at home against the hated Chicago Bears, but it’s pretty hard to be mad at the stuffed bear they buried in the video. The next game sees the Lions on the road against the Green Bay Packers. (No word on if they’ll use bug nets to annoy their opponent yet.)

The Lions drop into Arizona for a real treat in Week 3. After that, Week four sees the New Orleans Saints vandalizing the town bulletin board. For the bye week, it’s just time to take a nap in the house. Jacksonville’s Week 6 matchup had the obligatory Tiger King reference for all you cool cats and kittens. Once that’s over, it’s time to go sample some peaches in Atlanta during Week 7. Week 8 might be the funniest bit in the entire video as the fishing puns hit an all time high for the Colts game. There’s no love lost between Detroit and the Minnesota Vikings, and Redd’s ship is part of the joke in Week 9.

Week 10’s date with Washington is played for laughs as well. The entire thing is an amazing labor of love. It’s worth a watch. Check out the Design ID for some custom gear from the team as well


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