Nightmarchers' Hawaiian Lore & Fantasy Heats Up With Goddess Pele

Wyrmbyte Studios is celebrating the first week of its crowd funded Fig campaign for its game, [...]

(Photo: Wyrmbyte)

Wyrmbyte Studios is celebrating the first week of its crowd funded Fig campaign for its game, Nightmarchers, by releasing early looks at the characters and stages that will be available. The latest, released just this past week, is the Goddess Pele, who commands the volcanoes and is one of the many characters that guides hero Kai in his journeys. Pele's spells and mannerisms are highlighted in the latest trailer, which you'll find below:

Nightmarchers is a post-apocalyptic Hawaiian action RPG that looks very close to Far Cry in the way it plays, but focuses on lore that the rest of the world, unfortunately, does not know nearly enough about. The game is still in development, but so far it looks like a fun and interesting open world adventure that will have plenty available for players to explore, limited only by the results of its campaign. Here are some of the game's major features:

  • Open world Hawaiian shooter
  • Learn fantastic abilities from the gods of Hawaii
  • Deep, branching, narrative, based on player choice and consequence
  • Over fifty skills
  • Fully customizable weapons system
  • Authentic Hawaiian locations and story
  • Dynamic game play that adjusts to your level and game decision
  • Over fifty outposts to conquer

The story is even more compelling, per the campaign homepage:

In Nightmarchers you play as Kai, the unassuming father of Honu who lives a peaceful life with his son in their home on Hanauma bay. Kai has no concept of the battle to come, no idea of the power hidden within him, but he and Honu are descendants of powerful kahuna, wise shaman, who have risen to become ancestral gods, aumakua, in their own rights.

Even as the god Kamapua'a's raiders close in on Kai's home, to destroy the nearby heiau of Ku, one of these spirits is watching, ready to show Kai his true potential. Now with your new found ability to see both the living and the dead you have the unique capability to bring back the old gods of Hawaii and gain their favor through powerful spells.

Nightmarchers has no release date as of yet, but stay tuned for the campaign's end for more info.