New Nintendo Direct Could Be Happening Soon Based on Website Activity

New activity tied to Nintendo suggests that the beloved video game publisher could be looking to hold its first Direct video presentation of 2021 quite soon. This information comes about after a week that has been rife with rumors about when Nintendo will look to be holding its first game-focused Direct since October.

Some users on Reddit have noted recently that Nintendo's Direct archive page that it has on its website was updated today for one reason or another. Even though no specific changes are noticeable on the page's front end, it seems that someone behind the scenes altered something associated with the webpage as of today, January 8. This can be verified right now via Visio Spark which is a website that can check when other sites were last updated.

Obviously, this action doesn't guarantee that Nintendo is set to soon hold a Direct, but it's a move that definitely raises eyebrows. Logic would have us assume that the page has been updated to soon account for a future Direct presentation that will be archived on site. Then again, whatever maintenance that was performed today could have also been routine and may not be tied to actual Directs whatsoever.

That being said, it does seem about time for Nintendo to be holding another Direct sometime soon. As mentioned, the publisher hasn't had a Direct centered around upcoming game releases since all the way back in October. Other presentations since that time have either focused on indie games or the company's new Super Nintendo World theme park. Plus, with a notable new release transpiring next month with the Switch re-release of Super Mario 3D World, the possibility of a Direct occurring before that time seems possible.

Of course, if a Direct is set to happen at any point, Nintendo will surely make fans aware in short order. If there is any further news on this development, we'll obviously inform you of it at that time. Until then, you can keep following all of our coverage associated with Nintendo right here.

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