Get Nintendo eShop Credit at a Huge Discount for a Limited Time

Who likes free money? We sure do, and right now you can grab a few extra bucks to spend on the Nintendo eShop with this sick deal. Every now and then, PC Game Supply will offer up some game shop discounts, and the Nintendo eShop credit discount is always the best deal of the bunch. Right now it's 30 percent off, and you can grab $10 of eShop credit for only seven bucks! You can find the listing right here.

It's worth keeping in mind that you can use your eShop currency across all of your Nintendo hardware, assuming you have an up-to-date Nintendo account. You can hop online and peruse the eShop on your Nintendo 3DS or 2DS, your Wii U, or your Nintendo Switch! Ten bucks doesn't sound like much, but once you start paying attention, you'll see this deal pop up fairly frequently. I've saved over $30 on eShop credit over the past few months.

This deal will be especially attractive for Nintendo Switch owners, since there are so many fantastic and affordable indie games on the Switch right now. You may not be able to buy many games outright for $10, but you can sure as heck bring a few games into impulse buy territory.

This site is a little picky, too. Several users have reported some trouble checking out using PayPal. Every time I've taken advantage of this deal I've used a credit card, and it's always gone through just fine. Some users also run into trouble checking out on mobile, so if that happens to you, make sure to open this up on your desktop and try again.

Happy shopping, everyone!