Nintendo eShop Update Features Telltale’s The Walking Dead and More

While this week’s Nintendo eShop update for the Switch isn’t loaded with AAA releases [...]

The Walking Dead

While this week's Nintendo eShop update for the Switch isn't loaded with AAA releases (they're coming in a few weeks), there are some top-notch games to choose from this week.

Among them is Telltale's The Walking Dead: The Final Season, with the first episode now available. It marks the final journey for the series' long-standing heroine Clementine, as she comes face to face with a number of harsh decisions that will affect the course of the game.

On top of that, some indie favorites are available on the service as well. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes brings a party experience to the table as you attempt to defuse a bomb; and games like Nitro Ball and Metal Slug 4 offer some bring retro goodness to the table.

Check out the full list of releases below!

  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes ($14.99)- The party favorite finally comes to Switch, with one player attempting to defuse a bomb and the other three providing "expert" advice to keep them from getting blown to bits.
  • The Walking Dead: The Final Season ($19.99 for Season Pass)- The first episode of this series is now available, marking the beginning of the end for Clementine as she fights for survival in a dangerous world.
  • Metal Slug 4 ($7.99)- Another Metal Slug game comes to the Switch, with new characters introduced into the fold and a lot of shoot-em-up action.
  • Kid's Horehore Daisakusen ($7.99)- An obscure arcade favorite where you have to fight your way through a space labyrinth.
  • CastleStorm ($14.99)- The Zen Studios-produced tower defense game lets you build mighty castles while ripping down those of your enemies. This was good fun on earlier systems, and it continues to be so here!
  • Detective Gallo ($14.99, August 17)- In this noir-based point-and-click adventure, you help a private eye try to solve a diabolical case, with a number of bizarre characters thrown in for good measure.
  • Flip Over Frog ($7.50)- A fun card-flipping game that's ideal for two players or more. Flip those frogs!
  • FunBox Party ($7.50, August 14)- Choose from three different arcade games, fashionably made for up to four players in full party fashion.
  • Johnny Turbo's Arcade: Nitro Ball ($7.99)- Think Smash TV mixed with sports action, as you gun your way to huge points within each stage.
  • Manual Samuel ($9.99)- Love old-school adventure games? Manuel Samuel is for you, as you attempt to outwit Death by taking control of our hero's body. For 24 hours.
  • Next Up Hero ($19.99)- Attention, dungeon crawlers. Say hello to your new addiction, as you fight your way through a series of challenges, either alone or with a friend.
  • Out of the Box ($14.99, August 22)- You'll need to work fast as you deal with a number of interesting customers in a nightclub, making key decisions that will either save their lives or doom them.
  • Persian Nights: Sands of Wonders ($14.99)- A mysterious adventure where you attempt to overthrow the evil Grand Vizier Zaved from taking control of your country. You'll need to hurry, as a disease is working its way through the streets!
  • Polygod ($14.99, August 17)- First-person shooting action awaits in this roguelike game, complete with randomly generated levels and single and multiplayer modes.
  • Red's Kingdom ($9.99)- Red must find a way to stop the Mad King Mac from taking his winter stash of acorns, fighting his way through a number of stages.
  • Robbotto ($9.99)- This classic Bubble Bobble-style adventure has one or two players attempting to take back a ship commandeered by rogue robots.
  • Spectrum ($11.99)- Platforming fans, prepare for this unique tale, which takes you through an abstract world, filled with changing shapes and beautiful colors. Don't get too distracted, because you have to stay alive.
  • Tiny Hands Adventure ($16.99)- Join a T-Rex named Borti as they attempt to find longer arms and legs, with several worlds and bosses you'll have to deal with along the way.
  • Treadnauts ($9.99, August 17)- Fight your way through a number of stages in this fun multiplayer tank game!

Also, don't forget that the Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate demo is available for download!