Nintendo GameCube Remake Rumored to Release for Switch 2

More GameCube games could be coming back from Nintendo.

A new rumor has claimed that Nintendo is set to release a remaster of a game that originally launched on the GameCube for its upcoming Switch 2 console. This past week, Nintendo let loose a remake of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door on Switch, which is a game that first came to GameCube in 2004. With The Thousand-Year Door proving to already be a big success with this re-release on Switch, it seems that Nintendo is going to continue this strategy of bringing back GameCube titles in the years to come. 

Coming from YouTube channel PH Brazil, which has had accurate Nintendo scoops in the past, it has been said that a GameCube game from the past is set to be released on Switch 2 in the future. The identity of this GameCube title in question wasn't shared, but it was stated that it wouldn't hit the Switch 2 until after March 2025 at the earliest. As for when Nintendo will announce this remaster for Switch 2, it was specified to not come to light in Nintendo's next Direct for June 2025. However, given that Nintendo itself already informed fans that it wouldn't talk about the Switch 2 during the forthcoming Direct, this is to be expected. 

For the time being, Nintendo hasn't specified when it will talk more openly about the Switch 2. In fact, "Switch 2" hasn't even been confirmed to be the name of Nintendo's next console. For now, those in charge at the Japanese gaming publisher have only stated that its next hardware will essentially be a new "model" of the existing Switch, which means that the Switch 2 naming convention is plausible. Either way, more details on the next console from Nintendo should come about in the months ahead, especially since the Switch 2 is reportedly bound to launch in early 2025. 

How do you feel about Nintendo continuing to potentially remaster games from the GameCube era? And if this rumor proves to be accurate, which GameCube game do you want to see released on Switch 2? Be sure to let me know for yourself over on social media at @MooreMan12

[H/T My Nintendo News]