Nintendo Fan Makes Amazing New Super Mario Bros. Mod for the SNES

Mods to existing consoles are nothing new for at-home tinkerers. One Nintendo fan took things to another level with a strange creation for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System this week. They’re calling the creation New Super Mario Land, and the game uses the aesthetics and looks of the New Super Mario Bros. games that have largely composed Nintendo’s output with 2D Mario in the past couple of generations. Getting this all to run on a SNES and not have the thing go up in smoke is an achievement all on its own. But, there’s some hidden goodness with this fan ROM that might not be apparent from first glance. This clever project supports 4-player multiplayer, which is quite frankly, astonishing considering the hardware at play. (Now, the SNES is no slouch, but having the models retain that 3D look along with the powerups, platforms, enemies, etc. is asking a lot from any piece of hardware from so long ago.)

New Super Mario Land is another entry like the now-infamous AM2R which was a fan project by Milton Guasti and released back in 2016. That ROM was basically a rebuild of Metroid II: Return of Samus to bring the graphics up to about what players had seen in Metroid: Zero Mission. Being a Game Boy title, not a ton of people got to experience Metroid II in the current generation. So, people took it upon themselves to craft something extraordinary. The same idea applies here as Super Mario Land is beloved by anyone who had one of those clunky first iterations of the portable. But, it’s not a title that the company has seen fit to revisit…yet. Time will tell if this ROM ever makes it out to the larger community. Nevertheless, it is an amazing project and the builder should be very proud of their work.

In other SNES news, Nintendo showed the console some love earlier this Fall when they released some titles from that platform to Nintendo Switch Online. That requires a subscription for users to be able to access the content, but it was hotly debated among fans before the official announcement.

"Conquer classics such as Super Mario World, Super Metroid, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Depending on the game, you can engage in online competitive or co-op multiplayer, or take turns controlling the action," writes Nintendo of the new offering. "Need back up? Then team up in cooperative games like Brawl Brothers and Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics. You can also compete against a friend in Super Mario Kart, Kirby’s Dream Course, and even Stunt Race FX —available for the first time since its original 1994 release! Friends can even watch each other play single-player games online, and virtually ;pass the controller' at any time. Every classic Super NES game included in this collection will support voice chat via the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app."

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