Nintendo Power Podcast is Back With Episode 2, Listen Here

Nintendo Power is back, though not in the standard magazine form that we know from the past. [...]

Nintendo Power is back, though not in the standard magazine form that we know from the past. Still, the first episode that appeared last year was off to a fantastic start and now the second installment has gone live to talk all things The Big N.

The second episode of the Nintendo Power Podcast is all about the huge Nintendo Labo announcement. When Nintendo first announced the cardboard build-to-play experience, the reaction was definitively divided. On one hand, many thought it was 'traditionally Nintendo' finding unconventional ways to have light-hearted fun, while others saw paying 70 bucks for cardboard to be a bit much. Regardless of where you stand on the reactionary spectrum, it's hard to deny that everybody was talking about it at all.

According to the video's official description:

Following the announcement of Nintendo Labo, host Chris Slate discusses what it's like to build Toy-Con with guests Krysta Yang, co-host of Nintendo Minute, and Nate Bihldorff, Senior Director of Localization at Nintendo of America.

The group also recommends games they've been enjoying, answers listener questions, and takes this month's Warp Zone game quiz.

00:00 – Introduction

01:12 – Pros' Picks (game recommendations)

17:41 – Warp Zone (quiz)

20:15 – Player's Pulse (listener questions)

46:32 – Nintendo Labo discussion

55:49 – Signoff

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In case you missed the first episode, the roundtable discussed their "Year in Review," which of course featured Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild. The variety of topics paired with the classically epic music styling, this is already one podcast that we are definitely bookmarking as a favourite. Plus, it's an excuse to talk about The Legend of Zelda, who wouldn't want that? It's good to see Nintendo's presence once again on the rise, and hearing their name not be used as a gaming joke since the Wii-U's flop. They are the godfather of gaming after all, you just don't disrespect the godfather.

Want to catch up and join in on the Nintendo Fun? You can find the Nintendo Power Podcast on their YouTube channel, their SoundCloud, and on Apple Podcasts. The series will eventually make its way to the Google Play Music Store, though no set date has been released at this time.