Nintendo Switch Accessories Are On Sale For Up To Half Off on Amazon

(Photo: Amazon)

Getting ready for next month's rumored Nintendo Direct? Whether it happens or not, 2018 is set to be a huge year for the Nintendo Switch, with plenty of new releases and updates to fan favorite titles from this year. Before you get ready for another year of exploring and adventuring on the Switch, Amazon has kicked off a flash sale on accessories, including super convenient items like car chargers for those super long trips.

Most of these products are created by HORI, an officially-licensed product maker for Nintendo Switch. The car charger is available for $14.99, down from its standard price of $19.99. You can pick it up here.

The comfort grips boast an "ergonomic" feel and are perfect for long stretches of game time. The comfort grip brings the left and right JoyCon controllers together to lock into a more traditional gaming controller, making things easier for action games that don't require the separate controllers moving anywhere. It's on sale now for only $6.99 via Amazon, where it usually retails for about $14.99.

The sale Switch accessories seems perfectly crafted for the traveling gamer, given that there are plenty of resources available for reliable power and charging. One of these is the power bank battery pack for Nintendo Switch, on sale for $19.99, ten dollars off of its usual price. This power bank also works with phones, and connects to the switch via micro USB.

If you're not on the road often, you might want to go for a different charging dock just for your JoyCon controllers, which is where this handy charging dock comes in. It's down 40% from its original price, and can simulatenously charge 4 JoyCon controllers at once. You can get it now for $17.99.


Excitement for games on the horizon of the new year continues to grow, so hopefully Nintendo will give us even more reasons to spruce up our accessory game next year.

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