Popular Nintendo Switch Series Put Out a New Game Then Deleted It Right Away

A popular series just put out a new game on Nintendo Switch, only to delete it almost immediately after, leaving fans wondering what the heck is going on. According to the official Cooking Mama: Cookstar website, the new Cooking Mama game on Nintendo Switch is already out in some places. Other places "it's coming soon." Meanwhile, the game's official Twitter account -- on March 26 -- tweeted an "available now" tweet, accompanied by a new trailer. Since then, the Twitter account hasn't said a peep, and what makes this strange is the game isn't actually out yet.

It gets weirder though. When you search for the game on the Nintendo eShop, nothing pop ups. Meanwhile, if you use the aforementioned website's official link to the game on the eShop, it's broken. That said, the game did apparently release last week. However, after a handful of hours, it was pulled from sale and removed from the storefront all together, with no word at all from the developer.

What throws a wrench into all of this though is the fact that the game is available at retail, but even these copies seem scattered. Some places have them, others don't. It makes no sense. There's people playing the game as we speak. It's not broken or insanely offensive. In other words, it's unclear why it's been pulled. Meanwhile, others are finding it impossible to get a copy of the game, especially in Europe.


At the moment of publishing, nobody knows what's going on, but many are fed up with the situation:


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