Nintendo Switch Will Finally Get A Gundam Game In Japan This Spring

Bandai Namco has kept the Gundam series moving right along with new games as of late, with some [...]

Bandai Namco has kept the Gundam series moving right along with new games as of late, with some major traction from last year's entertaining Gundam Versus for PlayStation 4. But now, it's about time that the Nintendo Switch got a turn with the franchise – and it's starting on just the right foot.

The company recently held a live stream event, where it announced that SD Gundam G Generation would be coming out for Nintendo Switch this April in Japan. The game was previously released for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, and accepted nicely by both the anime and action game community.

Gundam G Generation previously got announced alongside Gundam Breaker 3, as part of the commemoration for the Gundam 30th anniversary event. The game will feature all of the downloadable content that previously came out for those other versions, and will also feature a first-print bonus that includes the Super Famicom game Super Gachapon World: SD Gundam X as a bonus digital title.

Instead of straight up action, Gundam G Generation works more as a simulation game, but it's still expected to pack plenty of mech action for fans to savor. It'll feature an abundant amount of characters and mobile suits to choose from (over 650!), and will also have nice visuals that bring the anime-style world to life. Plus, the fact you can take it on the go is pretty convenient – just ask anyone that picked it up previously for PS Vita.

Now the real question is if we'll see a U.S. release. Bandai Namco has been stingy in the past with releasing Gundam games here, although we did get Gundam Versus last year. Still, the company hasn't said a word about bringing Gundam G Generation to the Switch in the U.S., much less the PlayStation 4 or Vita. We'll keep you informed as to when the publisher makes a decision, but fingers crossed that it'll be soon – gotta ride that Versus momentum while it's still hot, right?

Check out the debut trailer above, and, importers, feel free to go after that sweet first-run edition. It's hard to pass up a great Super Famicom blast from the past. We've included classic gameplay footage below!