New Nintendo 'Starter Packs' Revealed, More Holiday Bundles

On Monday, we covered the reveal of the classically chic Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pro Controller [...]

On Monday, we covered the reveal of the classically chic Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pro Controller and now the Big N is rolling out even more holiday bundles for Nintendo Switch lovers to enjoy. Whether you're looking to bulk up your peripherals for the hybrid console, or looking to snag a Switch for yourself finally — Nintendo has big plans for this holiday season. The first details about those plans has emerged.

In case you missed the earlier announcement, below is the most recent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate bundle revealed. The black on white design with the translucent casing is the perfect nod to a more classic style but with a modern twist. You can check out what comes in that bundle thanks to the Nintendo of America Twitter account below:

Then the team revealed their plans for "Starter Packs" for their biggest hits like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, and more. Those bundles will come with the games themselves plus strategy guides to get new players caught up and up to snuff. Those packs will retail for $59.99.

Nintendo did not reveal plans for the actual Nintendo Switch bundles, though they did confirm that there will be options available as we approach the holiday rush period. Until those actual consoles are announced, you can check out some of the DS bundles that were just revealed as well (UPDATE: The DS bundles available to pre-order at Gamestop now):

We'll be learning more about which bundles will become available in the coming months so keep it tuned in right here at ComicBook.

Don't have a Nintendo Switch yet? Which bundle are you hoping for the most? Sound off with your Nintendo lovin' thoughts in the comment section below and tell us what you are hoping for come the holiday season!

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