Nintendo Switch Is Getting A Joy-Con Keyboard Attachment

From a history of consoles receiving keyboard attachments for faster in-game communication, the [...]

Nintendo Switch Keyboard

From a history of consoles receiving keyboard attachments for faster in-game communication, the idea of getting a keyboard for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons may bring about images of a much smaller accessory, maybe a compressed keyboard that hooks onto the controllers somehow. That's nowhere near the same feeling as having a full keyboard to clack away on while you talk smack to your opponents, though, and this new keyboard attachment from Cyber Gadget will let you get that full experience.

The device may look somewhat goofy at first glance, but with the design of the Joy-Con remotes perfectly rounding out the sides, it actually doesn't seem like a bad idea. Both Joy-Con remotes simply snap into the sides of the keyboard for easy holding and even simpler communication.

This isn't the first time that such a device has been seen for Nintendo though, as there was once an attachment for the GameCube that was much less appealing and ergonomic than this modern device from the Japanese gaming gadget company. Another gaming accessory company, Hori, created a keyboard for the Nintendo Switch as well, but that version didn't quite take off very well. The officially licensed product from Hori was really just a keyboard that connected to the Switch via USB, and it didn't incorporate the Joy-Con remotes into the design at all. Attaching the Switch's remotes to the sides of a keyboard in the first place seems like a no-brainer, so it's a wonder that this newest product from Cyber Gadget wasn't created by other companies much earlier, especially when Cyber Gadget's device isn't even being made by Nintendo.

The new keyboard is being designed with upcoming games in mind such as Dragon Quest X, an online game that will certainly employ a great deal of chatting with other players. Like the previous Hori device, this one will still have to be plugged into the Nintendo Switch via USB. The keyboard also won't be able to charge the Joy-Con remotes, so you'll have to take a break every now and then, but it'll still be more comfortable than previous attempts.

Cyber Gadget's Nintendo Switch keyboard is currently scheduled for a Sept. 30 for roughly $30, but there's no word yet of a Western release.