Nintendo Switch Pro: Release Date and Games Hinted at in New Rumor

A new Nintendo Switch Pro rumor has surfaced online, days after the Nintendo Switch Pro controller [...]

A new Nintendo Switch Pro rumor has surfaced online, days after the Nintendo Switch Pro controller seemingly leaked. Unfortunately, the rumor isn't overflowing with the most salient of information, but it does hint at the console's release date and provide insight into how it might handle older games. Rumors of an upgraded and more powerful Nintendo Switch have been percolating for over a year, but recently the rumors and reports have started to increase substantially, suggesting we are getting closer to a reveal and a release.

The latest comes the way of one of the first sources to relay word of the machine, or, more specifically, the way of industry insider NateDrake. According to the leaker, the console is scheduled to be announced this year and right now, the plan is to release it this year as well, however, a delay into 2022 is certainly a possibility at this point.

Unfortunately, the leaker doesn't provide any additional specifics about when the console will release, but it sounds like it will be sometime during this holiday season, assuming it's not delayed to next year.

In addition to hinting at the release date, the leaker also claims the console's new SoC should provide a boost to older games in the form of a bump to resolution and fps. However, it sounds like there may be exceptions to this rule depending on how the game is coded.

Lastly, the NateDrake comments on the Nintendo Switch Pro's rumored DLSS support, noting they've only heard that this support will only include docked mode. However, the insider isn't ready to dismiss portable DLSS, citing a lack of confirmation either way.

Of course, all of this, as in every little bit, should be taken with a grain of salt. Not only is everything here 100 percent unofficial, but it's also subject to change. All of this could be completely accurate today, and then tomorrow it could all be outdated and incorrect information.

As you would expect, Nintendo hasn't commented on any of this unofficial information nor has it directly commented on a single Nintendo Switch Pro rumor, report, or leak. That said, if Nintendo breaks this pattern of "no comment" silence, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. In the meantime, for more coverage on all things Nintendo Switch -- including the latest Nintendo Switch Pro rumors, reports, and leaks -- click here.