Nintendo Reveals Switch's Latest Impressive Sales Feat

Nintendo has revealed the latest impressive sales feat for the Switch. Golden Casino News reports that 4.2 million of the 21.03 million consoles sold in this fiscal year came in March alone. That’s pretty impressive the considering that would make a fifth of the year’s hardware sales in just one month. For context, that period is from April of 2019 to the end of March 2020. Some would expect the holiday rush to deliver numbers like that, but with Animal Crossing: New Horizons on deck, Nintendo was able to make it happen. It would also bear repeating that the coronavirus pandemic absolutely played a role in most people with a Switch picking up the latest edition of the series. Also of note is the fact that North America is driving demand with 20.6 million units of the 55.7 moved in the console’s lifetime.

There is a downside to these gaudy numbers, and that is the fact that Nintendo has had a hard time keeping the consoles on store shelves. When the coronavirus pandemic really took hold, it put a squeeze on production. That means that there were fewer units available at a time when demand was through the roof. Also worth mentioning that the vocal calls for more Switches have not become any less frequent as America continues to open more and more venues. During the early days of the pandemic, a lot of users were complaining about resellers and price gouging making the market hostile in their efforts to bring home a Switch.

Vice reported on a checkout bot called Bird Bot that a lot of resellers were using to stack consoles. The bot immediately notifies the person using it that the item is back in stock at a retailer like Best Buy, GameStop, or Wal-Mart. This advantage means everything with highly-sought-after items as being first often times means being successful. It’s even gotten hard for the bot users to bring home any more Switches as production has not picked back up to pre-coronavirus levels yet. But, this week’s news shows that if the Switches are available, there are more than enough people to buy them.

The Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are both available wherever such things are sold, assuming you can find them in stock thanks in part to the supply-and-demand situation during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Nintendo right here.

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