Nintendo Switch Sports Servers Now Offline Following Major Bug

Nintendo Switch Sports' servers have been taken offline following a major bug caused by the latest update to the game. Nintendo Switch Sports was released earlier this year and was a pretty big hit, despite not exactly reinventing the wheel. It continues the motion sports genre that started on Wii with Wii Sports which was partially such a hit since it was bundled with every new version of the Nintendo console. The game was incredibly fun, but also super simple, which made it easy for anyone to pick up and play and quickly understand how the Wii worked. It was almost a stealth marketing tool since people would play Wii Sports at a friend or relative's house and then be interested in buying the console themselves.

Now, over a decade later, the series returns with Nintendo Switch Sports, but it is currently experiencing some major issues. Nintendo confirmed that a recent update to the game introduced a bug that causes the game to crash during the pre-match loading screen in both online and offline play. Nintendo has stopped rolling out the update and subsequently taken the servers for the game offline. The company also confirmed it has suspended save data backup. This is a temporary solution while Nintendo works to figure out what went wrong with the update and fix the matter. As of right now, it's already been a day and the company hasn't had any further updates, so it's unclear how long this will take to resolve. 

Game breaking bugs and server downtime certainly aren't ideal, but it is a common issue with games these days. Given an update can break just as many things as it fixes, it's no surprise to see this happen. As of right now, there's no timeline for when this matter will be resolved, but it hopefully will be sooner rather than later. Ideally, this situation will also ensure it doesn't happen again.

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