Fake Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. Images Creator Speaks Out

smash bros 1

Remember those Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch pictures (see them here) that made the internet lose its collective mind? Remember how much hope and excitement those images instilled in our souls? Yeah, those images were all fake, and our souls' hope was all in vain.

Alright, we're being a little dramatic. Super Smash Bros. is definitely coming to the Nintendo Switch, but those images were fake, and the creator of those images gave us what turns out to be a pretty neat insider's look at how he created these images.

In the video he admits that he wanted to push himself by producing images that would cause a big stir, and what better way in the weeks leading up to E3 than to produce some kind of elaborate E3 reveal leak? He also stated that because the Nintendo fan-base is so ravenously craving any news related to a Super Smash Bros. port, and the because the series is so well-loved by so many people, it presented a special challenge for him. Could he actually trick the super-fans into believing that these images were legitimate? As it turned out, yes.

smash bros4

It was no easy feat, though. While character models themselves were recycled, all of the stage assets were created from scratch. He used a variety of programs to pull this off, including 3D Studio Max, PhotoShop, and Flash.

In the past he had a series called "Make Believe" where he would dream up Nintendo games that he wanted to see, and then he would compile images and short animations as proofs of concept to present to his subscribers. His Animal Crossing rendering is especially gives us great hope for that eventual Switch port as well.

Oh well, it was a fun ride while it lasted, eh? And hey, chins up! Nintendo's E3 presentation is right around the corner and we're sure to get a bunch of exciting announcements there. I'd be surprised if a Smash Bros. Switch port wasn't revealed, so rekindle that hope.