Nintendo Switch Played A Huge Part In Ubisoft’s Sales, More Games Coming


Considering the sales boost that it's gotten since its release earlier this year, the Nintendo Switch has certainly gotten the attention of various third party companies – including Ubisoft.

The company has been supporting Nintendo's handheld/console hybrid since its release, though only sparingly. It released Just Dance 2017 for it when it launched, and we've only seen a smattering of titles since then, though both Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition and the Nintendo cross-over Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle have been performing very well, along with the just-released Just Dance 2018.

During a recent quarterly conference call, chief executive officer Yves Guillemot expressed praise for the system, noting how the company has earned strong revenue from its games on the platform – most considerably Rabbids, which has accounted in 20 percent overall sales for the company's sales.

The company is "very happy" with the system, according to the report, and feel that it will sell in "big volumes" as the holiday rush is about to begin. But, more importantly, the company is looking to invest more in games for Switch, though it stopped just short of mentioning which games would come to it.

There's no question that the Switch is missing out on some big headliners in Ubisoft's library, like Assassin's Creed Origins and Far Cry 5. However, this little change could bring those games about sooner rather than later, though, again, nothing has been confirmed. Thankfully, the Switch exclusive Rabbids has softened the blow for some fans.


Guillemot also noted that he expects "big sales" from the Nintendo Switch line-up as it stands, particularly with Just Dance 18, since the Just Dance 17 edition sold reasonably well for the system. In fact, Guillemot noted that the best-selling version of that game at this point in time is for the Switch, and he expects the success to repeat.

For now, the only Ubisoft game that's confirmed to come to the Nintendo Switch in the foreseeable future is the snowboarding game Steep, though that doesn't have a release date yet. When 2018 rolls around, though, don't be surprised if the company makes a few announcements to beef up its library. And a Rabbids sequel wouldn't be out of the question either.