Nintendo Now Has Two-Step Verification for Online Accounts

Nintendo has made a player-friendly move by implementing a two-step authentication system in order [...]

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Nintendo has made a player-friendly move by implementing a two-step authentication system in order to add an extra level of security to players' online accounts.

The move seeks to protect eveyrbody's online accounts if they so choose to take part in the new feature. But if you're fine with the level of security you currently have on the Nintendo Switch and 3DS, you're more than welcome to opt out of the optional verification layer and keep your account settings as they are now.

Nintendo's new two-step verification method works through the Google Authenticator app, a simple way to implement the security for everyone. From now on, Nintendo players with online accounts will have the option to enable the supplemental feature on their own and will be prompted to enter in a six-digit code. The code in question is randomly generated by the Google app, and after it's sent to players via a text message, they'll have to enter it when signing in in order to gain access to their account.

Two-step verification for online accounts may seem unnecessary to some, but for those who've invested quite a bit into online purchase or simply their own time, the second authentication method is an easy way to be reassured of your protection. In the event of a lost password or other account-losing scenario, your account will still remain safe through the secondary messages being sent to your phone while you attempt to sort out the issue.

By no means is Nintendo the first company to add such a measure to their online systems, but it's not really important who got it first as long as Nintendo fans also have it now. PlayStation added a two-step verification method over a year ago, and other sizable, individual games have created their own protection methods.

The two-step authentication method for Nintendo is live now if players wish to activate it.

[via Gamasutra]



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