Nintendo is Supposedly Working On an Achievement System for the Switch

Nintendo is the console company among the big three that seems to be holding out on any kind of achievements or trophies, but according to an indie developer, it seems that the company is now working on some sort of achievement system.

News that the company might be rolling out their own version of a task-based system in their games came from the developers who created Lichtspeer, an indie game that was brought over to the Nintendo Switch after it received a couple of awards and commendations. The devs for the game took to Reddit to conduct an AMA where Redditors within the Nintendo Switch community could pitch their questions about the game’s development. One question asked about whether or not the game had online rankings and an explanation for whether it does or not (it doesn’t), and the devs’ answer revealed a bit more than the question asked.

“Nintendo doesn't have an official support for Achievements and Leaderboards, like Sony or Microsoft but we know that they're working on it,” a member of the Lichtspeerteam wrote.

The question from the reader didn’t bring up anything about achievements, but that definitely didn’t stop the developer from doing so. The question is actually buried pretty deep within the Reddit thread – possibly due to the indie status of the game that could result in not many readers clicking in – but the answer itself quickly rose to the top of the comments.


Another user highlighted the answer and asked if it was supposed to be a secret before the same dev responded by joking saying “Move along. Nothing to see here.” The dev added that they have a “strong feeling [Nintendo] hinted it a few times,” but nothing more was said about the achievements.

Achievements and trophies might not mean a great deal to many players since they don’t really offer any in-game incentives in terms of items or other perks, but for social players or completionists who enjoy the bragging rights, achievements are an easy way to get players to stick with a game for a bit longer. No word from Nintendo has come recently about any achievement developments, but since it won’t hurt anyone who might be opposed to it, Switch players will likely hope that news about the system comes soon.